The Must Have Tools for Remodeling a Home

Whether flipping homes in San Diego or simply renovating a current home, there are some must have tools anyone needs. These tools can range from small and inexpensive to large and possibly pricey. However, each tool is a must have and will help make it easier to tackle those remodeling tasks.

Solid Steel Hammer with Ripping Claw

This particular hammer looks like a nail hammer at first glance, but it is anything but. The typically smooth end of the hammer is made up of small claws. This helps the hammer grab onto any surface and cause more destruction. Essentially, it is designed for demolition and the added grip helps prevent the hammer from simply sliding off. Mike Cantu, a major house flipper in Southern Cal (check out lists this as one of this favorite tools.

Some Basics

Anyone doing remodeling inside of a home needs to have some general basics. This starts with safety glasses. Remodeling typically requires some demolition, so protecting eyes from drywall and other dirt is necessary. A hammer loop and work belt is desirable so the hammer is always within a short grasp, plus a tool pouch and fastener can fit around the built while giving access to additional tools and offer a large pocket for screws or collecting certain items during the remodeling.

Shop Vacuum

No regular vacuum will do. The shop vacuum is easy to use just about anywhere, plus it comes with a wet/dry feature. This way, even if the work occurs in a wet area, it makes it possible to clean up and remove dust, dirt and other problem areas.

Lighting and Extension Cords

Sometimes it is not possible to have lights on in the room. Work lights offer a great lighting addition to any room. Plus, the extension cords allow work to occur throughout the house without any kind of problem. After all, work should not be forced to stop and start based on the amount of lighting coming in from the window.

Saw Horse

Cutting wood planks or any other solid material requires a table of some sort. Moving around a portable table often is not possible, yet having saw horses can prove effective. These come in pairs and make it possible to cut just about anything anywhere. Best of all, the saw horse is inexpensive and can fold up, allowing for easy removal of the equipment as well. Than Merrill of San Diego says having a saw horse makes local construction so much easier to perform, even for those new to flipping.


Remodeling requires removing nails, screws, drywall and all sorts of other junk, regardless of what needs to be removed, a host of pliers will work out perfectly.

Searching for a Top Executive? A Head Hunter Can Find One

A Head Hunter Can Find You a Top Executive

For mid-level management job openings, a recruiter might be a good choice. When you are searching for a top executive, a head hunter is the best choice. Head hunters, unlike recruiters hold a much loftier position in finding the right candidate for the job. Head hunters have a keen sense of changes between top companies and their executives. Their matching process is highly developed so that the hiring business can expedite the process of finding a top executive.

How Head Hunters Find Top Executives

Unlike recruiters, head hunters mainly focus on movement within the top companies. They also maintain a watchful eye on internal promotions and executive movement. Head hunters dig much deeper into the financial structure of top companies in order to identify the executive style, requirements, capabilities and salary ranges offered.

Head hunters are quite adept at predicting the next major executive move. They do this by identifying potential retirees, executives relocating to other areas and by concentrating their efforts on offering top level candidates. This is how head hunters find top executives and help businesses avoid long, tedious searches that often don’t produce the desired results. Most head hunters know the benefits and perks offered by corporations and relate them to the needs of the top executives that fit the specific needs of the business. Each head hunter custom fits the top executive to the highest levels of executive positions.

Head Hunters in the DC Area
There is a unique need for head hunters in the DC area. When executive positions become available, there is the need for quick replacement. A skilled DC area head hunter has their fingers on the pulse of the top executives who form a rich pool of skill, talent and executive experience.

Top Successful DC Head Hunters
There are several top DC head hunters who have a proven track record of success. These include:

-Lucas Group
-Heidrick & Struggles
-Spencer Stuart
-Russell Reynolds
-Battalia Winston
Korn Ferry
-Savoy Partners

Choose the DC head hunter with the most experience and best success rate of placement of top executives. A head hunter with long-term experience is a better choice due to their extensive knowledge of the DC area, businesses and opportunities to present top executives. Generally, the DC head hunter with the best success rate in actual search and placement of top executives is also the most reliable.

San Diego California Real Estate Gurus worth Researching

If you’re looking for San Diego real estate resales gurus you’ve come to the right place. There are names to choose from and this article is going to summarize the best of them.

Than Merrill is one name you can contact. John Goodell has been in business a while and as another estate agent you can use. San Diego median sales market prices are $480000 per home including $368 per sq. foot. House prices have remained constant in the last year between $450000 and $480000. Real Estate is a big part of the San Diego economy and house prices are an important part of that.

With the right advisor you can get a good deal on a San Diego house on a resale. Someone of the best advisor include Alan Hamrick who can advise on real estate deal. Seth O’Byrne specializes in international sales and works for Sothebys international realty.

Paula Cobb and Joe Cobb are other real estate agents in San Diego you can contact. They have high ethical standards and work on deals such as 1031 exchanges. They also do resales. They strive to be professional and to be better than their competitors in the San Diego area. They earn their commissions.

Michael Rousseau and Steve Emerson are real estate’s known for working on resales. They work on sales from $250k up and are active in the San Diego area. Rousseau has 13 years of experience and has sold 12 properties. These agents can make a profit on resales and are experienced in this area. For people interested in the resale real estate market, these are agents you can contact.

San Diego has an active real estate market. It has median house hold income of $61,000 and 50% of San Diegans are home owners. It has areas such as Carlsbad, Escondido and El Cajon. Also Alpine and Chula Vista. San Diego is a large real estate market with resales and homes from sales. The realtors listed above can advise on the best and most profitable resales for people interested in the San Diego area. Get in touch with the listed agents and realty companies.

Home windows that are suited for Maryland seasonality

Finding the right windows for Maryland weather is a very important part of taking care of a home. The house has to be protected for the very interesting weather that happens in Maryland every year, and the homeowner needs to find a way to work with companies that are going to help get the windows put up as fast as possible. There are so many choices on the market today that some homeowners will be blown away by what they see, and the homeowners that wade through Thompson Creek company reviews will be able to walk away with something most beneficial.

Companies like Thompson Creek and Wheaton are capable of changing all the windows in the house to suit the needs of the family. These companies sell from a very large catalog of windows that can be used in any home, and both companies are going to give an estimate to homeowners to better explain what is needed in each home before the installation begins.

The weather in Maryland is very temperate and rainy for much of the year, and the Atlantic hurricane season does have a profound impact on the area. These companies know that windows need to be able to hold up to strong winds and rain, but they also need to be able to keep up with the snowy weather that is going to happen in the winter. These big weather events require very serious windows.

Each window company is going to install windows for its clients that are designed to make the house much quieter and more efficient. There will be less sound coming in from outside, and there will be less hot and cold air coming into the house. A home that is truly energy efficient has very strong windows, and the companies are going to make it much easier for homeowners to remain safe in their homes during major weather events.

The homeowner that is choosing new windows needs to turn to companies like Wheaton and Thompson Creek for help. These firms offer large catalogs that anyone can choose from, and the catalogs are going to show a massive variety of windows that homeowners can choose from. There are many different ways to secure a home in Maryland, but those windows must be able to hold up to gale force winds, snow and the changing weather patterns in the Mid-Atlantic region during the course of the year.

Remodeling, selling, and making money in real estate

Beautiful beaches, San Diego Zoo, Than Merrill, and Sea World San Diego! You guessed it, we are talking about one of the most beautiful, fun cities in the United States San Diego. The central location to get to all of the sights, cities, and attractions in California makes it one of the highest valued real estate markets. I am sure you have seen the shows on t.v. everyone is flipping houses or doing other home improvement projects to add home equity. And what is home equity? Money in your pocket! The two main rooms you want to concentrate on to build your home sales price are the kitchen and the bathrooms.

For your bathroom remodel, walk in showers have replaced jetted tubs as a must have. People generally don’t have time to take a bath so a shower has become more important. Other things to update in your bathroom are to try wood cabinets, updated appliances, natural wood or stone floors and sinks. If you are looking for a luxury touch try adding a steam shower as that’s the hot new item. One of the biggest bathroom investments you can do is to add another bathroom. Adding a second bathroom if you only have one will increase your resale by 8%. That’s double the rate for adding another bedroom! After all you can never have too many bathrooms or too much money and this way you will have both!

A basic kitchen remodel will recoup your investment in it by 92%. More buyers are looking for that modern kitchen with all the amenities in our foodie culture. Upgrade to high-end appliances; natural counter tops of granite, quartz, or wood; hard wood flooring is a very popular upgrade.

Aside from the kitchen and bathrooms the most important remodel is general maintenance. You can have the most outlandish gourmet kitchen but in the home inspection if they find that you have a leaky 30-year-old roof then they won’t want to pay top dollar. Look at your basement, make sure your wall paint doesn’t have chips or dings as a quick coat of paint will make a tired old room seem new again. Also don’t neglect the outside of your house. Curb appeal is important and repairing siding or landscaping will attract buyers.

The real estate market in San Diego has never had a better time to sell as the median home price is $450,000!

Luxury Fashion Makes a New Home in Miami

Boutiques in Miami are springing up everywhere in the Design District, and avid shoppers may shop the finest brands for the first time in the heart of Miami. The Design District began as a place where artists would come together to sell their wares, but a community development project has helped change the Design District. The District now hosts shops from many of the most famous brands in the world, and shoppers in Miami may use the Design District as a de facto shopping center. This article explains how the Design District is changing the face of Miami.

#1: The Art Deco Tradition

The art deco tradition in Miami comes from a time when the most progressive artists in the world made their homes in Miami. Modern and contemporary art was a major influence on the city, and starving artists from around the city landed in the Design District over the years. Many artists opened shops in the Design District, but the District had a distinctly urban feel. Shoppers today see something that is vastly different from the early days of Miami design.

#2: Who Is Moving In?

Every grand retailer in the world is moving into the Miami Design District. You may shop with the most acclaimed companies in the world, and there are many new shops opening every month. There are old buildings under renovation, and there are new buildings opening to host these new shops. You can see the Design District changing if you visit every month, and the District is becoming a hip place for restaurants and other vendors to open.

#3: How Do Miami Residents Benefit?

Miami residents are accustomed to going to shopping malls for their excursions, but the new Miami Design District brings all the shopping to an outdoor location. Weather in Miami is brilliant every day of the year, and you may shop in a place that does not exist in other parts of the country. You can shop at the finest stores, and you will have a bit of sunshine on your face as you do it.

The new Miami Design District plays host to some of the best shops in the world, and the old district that was once home to starving artists is now an outdoor mall without compare. Every new visit to the area will give you a glimpse of a new opening or store that beckons you to come inside.

Texas Has A New Way to Create Venture Capital

There has been a massive struggle lately for startup businesses, leading to the creation of a handful of programs, such as CAPCO programs, which aim to deliver a means for getting companies up and off the ground. The overall intention of these types of programs is to use tax money that they government has received and put that money back into local businesses.

They achieve this by essentially giving tax breaks to certain banks that they choose. These banks then take the money and give it out to local based businesses, as a way to get them started and on their feet. The idea here is that the businesses will take the startup money that they have received from the banks, who got it in the form of tax credits, in order to get their businesses off the ground, which in turn creates jobs for people in the community and also expands the economy.

There are various areas of the country that have been implementing these types of CAPCO programs, such as in Texas, and they have proven to be very effective in their overall goals. One of the best parts about CAPCO is the fact that the programs do not just pay to get a company started and the money is erased.

In fact, if the businesses that are created are successful and go on to thrive, theoretically all of the money that was given out to them will come back to the government in the form of taxes. The banks do not suffer at all, as they were simply moving money that they government gave to them through tax breaks and the businesses in the area get a great shot at starting a successful business without having to put up any capital.

Tough economic times in the United States have created a need for programs such as this and there is no question that they are working to deliver, as they were intended to do. However, there is also no doubt that these programs will be even more successful when the economy gets back to a more even level, as it is likely slated to do in the next several years. In the end, it is a great way for the government to take some of the funds that they receive through taxation, and use it to invest back in the community, which proves to help everyone out.

Why Children Love Tooth Fairies

Children love The Real Tooth Fairies because of the magic and excitement she brings to each child that loses a tooth. Sometimes, losing a tooth is not that much fun for children. However, they have something to look forward to in the end because they know they will be visiting by the tooth fairy. When they place the tooth under their pillow and crawl into bed at night, as they are falling asleep they wonder all about the tooth fairy. The excitement of waking up and find money underneath their pillow is part of the whole process. They lay there and wonder what the tooth fairy looks like, how does she fly, what is she wearing, and how does she move so quietly about the room not to wake the children up. It’s truly magical in a child’s imagination.

Teaching children about the tooth fairy can also teach them about money. It’s an opportunity for children to not expect a lot of money, but teach them to be responsible with what little money they receive from the tooth fairy. As a child, many times we hope our parents load us up with dollars upon dollars, but it’s not about the money that’s under the pillow. It’s about the experience and what we can teach our children when they don’t know what to expect. Children have such a vivid imagination, it makes it possible to help them dream but also understand certain rules. Perhaps it’s saving their money until they can afford something they’ve wanted to buy for some time. Maybe it’s teaching them a new rule in the house that the parents are trying to teach. Whatever it may be, embrace the experience and the imagination of the tooth fairy.

The anticipation while they lay in bed trying to fall asleep is something they will always remember when they are older. They won’t remember the money they received, but they will remember the magical experience they have while waiting for the tooth fairy to visit them in the night. It opens up a whole new world to the imagination and allows children to dream of endless possibilities, which help pave the way for each day of a fulfilled life from adolescent to adult. These are memories that remain with a child their whole life and it something they will carry on to their children.

Empowering Societies through Community-Based Programs

Modern trends in social work and activism adopt the community-based programs approach. As the name suggests, Community-based programs refer to a range of policies, designs and courses of action that are initiated to serve a community within their setting. These policies are implemented across sectoral areas in a community such as education, health, environment, children and women and youth.

Communities are a group of people in a defined geographical area who share a culture of means of livelihood. As these groups of people interact, they encounter many challenges. The challenges prevalent in communities differ in intensity and frequency.

The CAPCO programs under the CAPCO community-based organization in Cortland, New York is a phenomenal example of the achievements of community-based practices. This program advocates for improved living conditions, dignity and self-reliance within the SOCIETY with the end goal of eliminating poverty.

Community-based programs spin out of the need to build on local capacities of the people. The guiding principle is that since it is the people in a community who confront a challenge, they should also be the same people who come up with solutions. By so doing, the program acquires the blessing and further input from the affected community. Community-based programs are the most natural remedies for societal ills.

This model has become very successful all around the world and now provides a blueprint on which community-based programs operate. They are unique in their extent of reach within a society, and the commendable success margins experienced. It is worth to note that Community based programs harness the potential of communal socio-economic capacities.

The CAPCO program is very ambitious and contains a thorough working strategy targeting individuals, families and the community as a whole. The Poverty cycle exists and must be fought at these three points. The organization relies on strategic partnerships with various stakeholders in the community as well as its own human and financial capacity.

A community-based program must always abide by a set of values that help it gain appeal and traction. The CAPCO program commits to understanding and tapping the capacity of the community, cooperation, and partnership, accountability for resources and results, participation and respect for self and society.

In conclusion, community-based programs act as repair mechanisms to the torn fabric sections of society. These actions translate to better ways of living, better livelihoods as well as the socio-economic empowerment of marginalized groups.

Starting an Employee-Owned Company

The amount of worker-owned businesses is growing. Namely, it is growing in the U.S. by as much as 6% per year, and these businesses now make 12% of the private sector workforce. However, worker-owned businesses were frequently undervalued for not being quite capitalistic. That may be the case in some other areas but not in the finance sector.
About Employee-Owned Companies
They stand out from other companies because the employees have an ownership stake in the company that they work for. In an ESOP (employee stock ownership plan), companies give their employees stock as ownership. It is a way for a company’s workforce to have more interest in the company’s business plans and success.
ESOP shares, however, are part of employees’ payment reward for the work that they have performed. Shares are distributed to employees and may be held in an ESOP trust until the employee retires or decides to leave the company. The shares are then being put up for sale.
Financing Companies – EnTrust
In the financing sectors, new companies often emerge by splits. An example of that split can be found in three Goldman managers who left Goldman, Sachs & Company to form their own employee-owned investment manager (
In May 1997, there was a story in New Your Times that three money managers of Goldman, Michael E. Horowitz, Mark S. Fife and Gregg Hymowitz, split to form EnTrust Capital Inc. The former vice presidents of Goldman’s private client services took their clients to EnTrust to begin their business with 125 clients and $750 million of assets.
The three reportedly made about $15 million in commissions in their previous year, and it is also said that they produced 30.8% in internal rates returns annually for six years until December 31, when was their last year at Goldman.

Mr. Hymowitz and his colleagues pointed out that they would personally handle the asset gathering and decision investment making at Entrust. He also said that the Entrust team made successful investments in companies like Citicorp and Woolworth and probably didn’t own more than 20 companies.
The firm also manages its owners’ personal fortunes and now has about $525 million invested in equities and $225 million invested in fixed-income securities. Besides working with wealthy individuals, it also deals with pension and profit sharing plans, charitable organizations, corporations, funds, foundations, endowments and families. It also manages equity hedge funds and invests in the U.S. public equity markets. It invests in stocks of small, mid and large-cap companies.
Employee-owned companies are on the rise everywhere around the world. A company called EnTrust Capital Inc., which was founded in 1997, is an example of how a split in a company that was owned by funds and partners created a new employee-owned one.