Shopping Guide to Miami Fashion

Miami is a city filled with culture, business, art, entertainment and fashion. Miami has been dubbed the fashion capital in Florida and South Beach in particular is booming with worldwide modeling agencies, photographers and retail stores. The high style of Miami makes every day an occasion to dress up and immerse in the lavish culture. Miami fashion is home to some of the best indoor and outdoor shopping malls in the country. Whether you are an expert window shopper or are in the mood for a shopping spree, Miami can exceed all of your wardrobe fantasies.

We have for you three of our favorite places to indulge in the benefits of Miami’s culture and fashion. The beauty of the three venues is the uniqueness of each location, which makes each venue an experience in itself.

Aventura Mall

The Aventura Mall is an indoor mall that is 2.7 million square feet, filled with restaurants, boutiques, department stores, and premiere retailers. The Aventura Mall is one of the first malls to be filled with an art collection from Turnberry for the Arts, which features work from artists around the world. This art collection makes shopping not only retail therapy, but also walking through the mall an experience worth remembering. The Aventura Mall is the second most visited mall in the country, which contributes to it being one of the top five highest grossing malls in the country.

Bal Harbour Shops

The Bal Harbour Shops are one of the last standing family-owned shopping malls in the country, which means the Whitman family is doing something right. This outdoor shopping mall in Bal Harbour will certainly fill all of your window shopping dreams. The shops are home to high end retail brands, which mean fashion at its finest.  Your wallet might not appreciate a trip to the Bal Harbour Shops, but your wardrobe certainly will.

Miami Design District

The Miami Design District embodies the spirit of Miami as a hub for arts, design, culture and fashion. The Miami Design District has a plethora of art galleries, architecture firms, restaurants and retail stores. Whether you want interior design inspiration or a thought provoking afternoon with art, the Miami Design District has it all.  The featured fashion luxury stores are continuing to expand and bringing some of the best designers and boutiques to the MDD.

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Spring on the Mind

With spring in our hopefully somewhat near future it is time to spring clean your home, get organized and dust off your shorts and flip flops. There are certain areas of the home where organization makes life a whole lot easier. We have for you the ways you can prepare for spring and summer now rather than when the sun is out. Two places in the home, which can use the most organization, are your closet and your garage, so get organizing!


The closet can be one of the most stressful areas of the home to organize. If you are a hoarder like me, it can be hard to part with pretty much anything that you’ve worn in the past 10 years. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn something in the past two years, than you probably won’t wear it. Nothing says spring like a nice purge. Go through your closet and donate any clothes or shoes that you are no longer wearing. Once you figure out what you need and don’t need, think about investing in a closet organization system. Closet organization systems ( are great because they are custom to your closet needs and keep you impeccably organized. Although DIY closet organizers are a cheaper option, custom closet organization systems are made to last, which is worth the money.


Once the weather starts to get warm there are a lot more physical activities you can do. Whether you want to golf, bike, rollerblade, hula-hoop or play soccer it all comes with equipment or as my mother would say, “baggage.” It is important to keep all of your family’s sports and outdoor equipment organized. This way when it’s time to ride your bike, you know where your helmet and bike are. One thing you can do to organize your garage is buy different organizational bins. In one of the bins you can place different sports balls; in another bin you can place helmets, and any other loose needs. Another suggestion is to build cabinets in your closet or have a closet company do this for you, so that you can keep everything from hammer and nails to golf and tennis balls organized!

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Holiday Home Decor Tips

The holiday season is getting closer and many people are starting to think about how they want to decorate their homes. Many people look at businesses and classic establishments such as hotels and tourism spots for inspiration and wonder how these places manage to pull off such classic decorations without looking as if they have gone overboard. The answer is simple; they hire a professional trained in professional design. The good news is that you can pull off elegant holiday home design as well by just following a few pointers.

First off, classics will always be in style but there are some modern trends that can be incorporated into home decoration during the holidays. For instance, right now silver and gold are both popular and they are being together more and more instead of choosing one as an accent or the other. Think of the metal colors as the holiday decorating neutral colors and use them to help center holiday décor. In addition, do not be afraid to experiment some with colors such as purple, yellow, pink, or even orange as people are having more weaving other non-traditional colors into their home décor themes.

One great way to experiment and really help show off interior design in a home is to offer a different theme to each room. Assigning a theme or color scheme will help offer decorating freedom and create new experiences for your guests to travel through. At the same time, keep patterns and symmetry in mind so that the rooms still resemble each other despite different themes. For instance, one room could have a non-traditional colored theme, another could be decorated in golds, greens, and reds, and a third room could be traditional with rustic pine themed decorations. Keep in mind to elaborate with your own personal favorites as well.

Finally, think ahead when it comes to holiday home décor. Most people are frustrated by figuring out what to buy and even more so when they are on a budget. By buying at the end of the season with next year in mind it is easy to save as much as half on your holiday decorations. Remember to think about potential themes when buying decorations and that organization is key. After all, an entire year will pass and it will be hard to remember where things are so proper organization is the key to accessible home décor choices.

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Careers in Design

design career

Design careers are a completely open field with many categories and sub categories. Of the many options in a career in design, here are just a few: fashion design, jewelry design, automobile design, industrial design which includes many home goods, garden design, housing design, graphic design, furniture design with the sub-category of office furniture design/ergonomic design, kitchen appliance design (which would fall under industrial design), architectural design that includes public spaces, parks, sculpture gardens, memorial gardens, skateboard parks, dog parks and public playgrounds.

In the world of computer graphics, game design and animation has taken a quantum leap in sophistication. The characters in the story line have to move and speak realistically. They must be believable. In this case, the illustrator-designer works hand in hand with the game designer to make sure everything blends seamlessly.

Virtually everywhere a person looks, an artist-designer has had a hand in the way that object looks and functions. In the world of design, form follows function, so a designer not only has to design for outstanding looks, the object must also function perfectly. Every knob, handle, drawer pull, button and clasp on a piece of jewelry must work and look great.

The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer is a case in point. Beautifully designed with twenty colors to choose from and a workhorse in the kitchen, this is an example of matchless industrial design. Over the years, car design has had to keep up with technology. Automobiles are actually becoming smart; some models can sense if there is another vehicle in a blind spot or dangerously close. The “Smart” car by Mercedes Benz has an electronic stability program that can tell when a driver is about to swerve or drive off the road. This system will slow down the engine and apply the brakes to avoid an accident.

Careers in design are wide ranging and there will always be a demand for innovative ideas translated into great design. As the world changes and evolves, designers will be required to come up with solutions for an increasingly complex consumer base. They will also have to keep abreast of new environmental regulations which will have an impact on the elements they use in their designs.

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Popular Design Trends that May Stay or Go

des8ign trendsOne thing to always count on is the fact that interior design never stays stagnant. It is always changing, sometimes for the good and sometimes bad. Below are 2014 design trends. Some may trend into 2015 and some may disappear.

Merging the indoors with the outdoors has become a strong trend. Try using deck chairs in the living room, having rock walls inside your home incorporating plants within them. Have the plants grow within the rock. As the plants grow the greenery gives an outdoorsy feel. Take it a step further by painting fallen green leaves on the boarders of your wooden floor.

Ethnic prints are also very popular. This is done through ethnic fabric, upholstery and prints making the room an instant conversation piece.

The color beige was once an interior decorator staple. Although it is still used often, beige is beginning to lose its appeal. Bolder colors are surely becoming more popular.

Brass has been popular in dining rooms with chandeliers and accessories. Brass is now growing in popularity for the kitchen, bath and lamps. Brass has always been classy and has now proven to be timeless.

Corduroy is no longer just a clothing item. Although popular as a pant material, it is now popular in interior design for couches, available in many colors which will give the room a warm, cozy feel.

Fiber art and macramé gives the home a creative feel adding pizazz to plain walls. Its popularity is felt to be because it is less expensive than fine art but just as attractive. Macramé classes are also available to some which will give the home ultimate individuality and style.

The floral influence is popular in both interior design and fashion. The choices are endless, it can be one floral color or many to mix and match. It all depends on personal style and color scheme.

Glamour style creates a mood and character that makes a statement. One way of achieving this is with metallic accessories and wall stenciling.

A contentious interior design trend is using animal skins. No longer just rugs, they are now being used for coaches, chair cushions and tables. Natural design is best but, some feel using animal skins goes too far.

These anterior design trends are just a glimpse into the world of design. An interior designer makes the imagination soar.

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