Unique Doors and Stunning Entryways Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The right front doors and entryways can transform your house’s appearance and its curb appeal. It can also significantly increase your home’s value and even help you to sell it faster. Most of all, adding a stunning entryway and front door can increase your pride in and enjoyment of your home.

  1. Midcentury modern – A modern midcentury door with unique shapes, bright colors, and innovative use of frosted glass will make anyone walking up to your door smile.
  2. Supper Cool – How about a minimalist entryway with a wooden door with 6 inch tall, 2 foot wide glass panes and a brushed chrome hardware, lever and latch set.
  3. The Rustic Look – Consider a mountain style door of rustic-looking dark wood with faux tool marks, and medieval looking hardware connecting it to a tool marked thick wooden door frame.
  4. Farm House – Another unique door is a midsized single country front door. The top half features frosted glass with a 6 inch wooden border while the lower half is solid wood.
  5. Scottish Style – Want to turn heads? Get a bespoke pivot front door made from pieces of reclaimed wood stained black with white walls for a contemporary Scottish look.
  6. Arches And Squares – Try a square front door made with Victorian looking dark wood with an arch made of wood and glass above it.
  7. Extra Wide Door – Picture an inviting extra wide hinged door made of glass encased in Asian wood that lets in lots of light and people surrounded by an entryway with a colorful tropical garden.
  8. Earthy Modern – A gorgeous mahogany front door with bronze accents creates an amazing first impression of your home. Made with beautiful materials, a simple contemporary design, a transom above it and sidelights.
  9. Mid Century Splendor – A Douglas fir front door with a intricate woven pattern and satin-edge glass that lets in light can be a visual stopping point and screams class and sophistication.
  10. Beach Style – Imagine a walkway lined with Moravian star pendants that lead to a front door made of richly toned salvaged wood with metal details that hints of a relaxing place just inside.

No matter what style home you have, adding a unique walkway and front door whether they are contemporary, minimalist, or rustic, they can lift your home’s fa├žade and imply wonderful mysteries, memories, and interior designs lay just on the other side.