Pubbelly Sushi Market to Arrive in Miami’s Mall

Two Social Phenomenon in The U.S. Developed Decades Apart
The popularity of sushi restaurants has grown in the United States of America shortly after the advent of the super mall, but both have earned a large number of staunch fans. Everyone is familiar with the mall system of shopping. During the 1970s, developers bought properties in remote and distant locations that were easily accessible by car; to build giant warehouse-style malls. This idea was soon copied in all parts of the U.S.

Sushi, on the other hand, developed much later and existed to satisfy the dining needs of a select few. What was once available for a select number of sophisticated diners has now become a fad.

Super Malls Offer a Complete Shopping Experience to the Suburban American
Aventura Mall is the third largest shopping mall in the U.S. Located in Aventura, Florida near Miami and the other cities that form a coastal metropolis from Palm Beach to the Florida Keys. The mall contains more than 300 independent retail locations on three different floors. Thanks to Turnberry Associates’, Jackie Soffer (, Aventura Mall is completely and finely finished and allows for a complete shopping experience under one roof in air conditioned splendor.

Pubbelly Sushi Market Brings the Sushi Experience to the Aventura Mall
Now sushi and other delicious Japanese delicacies will soon be available at Aventura Mall from the Pubbelly Group’s Pubbelly Sushi Market. The restaurant is conveniently located on the lower level next to the Nordstrom store. If you would prefer not to consume raw seafood, they offer an alternative menu and a collection of wines to enjoy.

Anchor Stores at the Aventura Mall
Macy’s has two different locations and Nordstrom, J.C. Penney, Sears, Bloomingdale’s along with the AMC Aventura 24 Theatres.

We live in a modern world that is heavily influenced by social media, and most people, especially young people, want to wear, eat, and do what is in style. They see TV celebrities always going shopping and want to do the same. If celebrities like sushi then they must find out if sushi is for them. Both the Aventura Mall and the Pubbelly Sushi Restaurant should meet with great success.