Donations Sought to Help Islamic People in the Middle East

The humanitarian crisis in the Middle East is one of the worse that the world has ever encountered. Over 65 million people will be told by authorities that they can no longer live in their own homes. About 20 million of them will be made to live in foreign countries. Therefore, Dr. Mohamed Attawia and many organizations are raising funds to help these refugees. People who are interested in donating need to consider these five choices.

American Refugee Committee International

Providing clean water, sanitation, micro-enterprise development, education and a range of other service is the focus of the American Refugee Committee International. Unlike many other organizations bringing in workers from other countries, over 95 percent of the workers are hired in areas served and trained to perform their jobs. Over 90.1 percent of all funds collected are used in programming. Hip-hop artist Bono, rock performer K’NAAN, fashion designer Matano, and celebrity chefs RoblĂ© Ali and Sweet Rush have all supported this Minneapolis-based charity working in the Middle East.

Islamic Relief USA

Providing food, clothing, medicine and education to people is the purpose behind Islamic Relief USA. This Alexandria, Virginia, based charity is directed by Anwar Kha who was born in Pakistan. They spend over 88.8 percent of all donations on programming across the globe. Movie star Fawad Khan has worked with this organization along with comedian Azhar Usman and performing artist Alman Nusrata.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

While living in a war-torn area is very challenging, it is especially difficult for children who need lifesaving surgeries. Therefore, it is the mission of Palestine Children’s Relief Fund to locate children in the Middle East who need these surgeries and perform them. Over 86 percent of all money collected is spent on services. President Jimmy Carter has endorsed this fund for its work in the Middle East. Celebrity Doctor Shibley Telhami, a professor at the University of Maryland, has worked extensively with this group.

World Relief

Helping refugees has been the focus of World Relief since the end of World War II. President Scott Arbeiter oversees this program spending over 83 percent of all money collected on programming. This Baltimore, Maryland, based group works to move communities from war to peace by working with local groups in areas including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, South Sudan and Pakistan.

The situation in the Middle East will require everyone’s help to solve or it will only grow worse. One way that people can help is to donate to these charities.