FDA Moving to Ban Trans Fats

A recent¬†article¬†by NBC News states that the FDA has determined that all trans fats need to be removed from processed foods. Since the 1980’s, research has been done to determine the health benefits of utilizing the chemically altered fats in food instead of butter, or lard. Thirty plus years later, all of the health conscious people who knew that putting chemicals in food was a bad idea, well, they are screaming victory.
The process, called hydrogenation, (yummy, right?) chemically alters the liquid part of oil so that it acts more like lard or butter. In this day and age, we are too aware of chemicals causing health issues; from behavioral issues to physical issues, to allow things like this to continue. With the recent negative response to GMOs and various other chemical processes going on in our food supply, it is amazing that companies still utilize trans fats. However, according to the article the FDA has given food manufactures until 2018 to eliminate even trace amounts of trans fat in their food products. They are telling consumers that in the meantime, they should check the ingredients on the packaging for trans fats. Apparently, just reading the front of the box isn’t enough. Companies are currently allowed to identify their products as containing zero trans-fat if they contain less than a half of a gram. If consumers want to eliminate the chemically altered fat completely, they must do some light reading.
Removing these fats from one’s diet sounds like a good idea. According to that same article these trans fats are found to be linked to heart disease. Margaret Hamburg, former FDA Commissioner was instrumental in the ruling. Who knows what other health complications could come from eating these types of fats. Kudos to the researchers who are looking out for the health of the population. Due to their valiant efforts trans fats are no longer considered generally safe. This does not include naturally occurring trans-fat such as what occurs in dairy products. So this Christmas, grandmas of the world will be switching to butter instead of oleo in their cookie recipes, and the world will be forever grateful. Here’s to no more chemicals in our food.