Make a killing in the real estate market

Becoming a success in real estate will not happen overnight. It will happen though. Just be patient. While working towards each goal, try to keep the following suggestions in mind. These tips are meant to help each person come closer to their end goal.

1) Decide which goals are important. Figure out what needs to be accomplished and when. No one can get anywhere without a plan. Figure out the potential costs for each choice that is made. Figure out if the risks are worth taking. It all comes down to planning, first and foremost.

2) Have someone who is already a success in the business take a look at the plan. Each person needs all the help they can get. It helps to have someone who has already has some sort of influence in the business to give out pointers. Take every pointer in thoroughly. Some advisors will rip apart the plan and tell the person to start over. This is okay. It’s all part of the process. Sometimes it takes a third party or set of eyes to point out where the problem areas lie.

3) Ever real estate person experiences both highs and lows. Once a deal is set and made, the person thinks they are on the right track. This would be the high. At the last minute though, the deal can fall through. Don’t panic when this happens. It happens all the time. The important thing is to ride the waves. Success will come, real estate investors just not to be patient.

4) The best thing a person can do is take it slow. All those “big Picture” items, they are nothing more than small little to-do lists. Focus on the smaller items first. The big things will take care of themselves. Remember, it’s the little things that make the most difference. Begin with the smaller steps and move forward.

5) Some investors will have to get comfortable with the uncomfortable things. A young man could be in a meeting full of seasoned pros. He might feel the yearning to leave, because he feels out of his element. His best bet is to stay and learn. He will get more comfortable as time presses on.

One final word of advice. Each person should follow through on what he or she says they are going to do. There is nothing more insulting in the real estate world than someone who breaks a promise. Please try your best to keep your word, no matter how big or small.


1) Dean Aguilar
2) Than Merrill
3) Christa Curtin

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