Careers in Design

Design careers are a completely open field with many categories and sub categories. Of the many options in a career in design, here are just a few: fashion design, jewelry design, automobile design, industrial design which includes many home goods, garden design, housing design, graphic design, furniture design with the sub-category of office furniture design/ergonomic design, kitchen appliance design (which would fall under industrial design), architectural design that includes public spaces, parks, sculpture gardens, memorial gardens, skateboard parks, dog parks and public playgrounds. (more…)

Popular Design Trends that May Stay or Go

One thing to always count on is the fact that interior design never stays stagnant. It is always changing, sometimes for the good and sometimes bad. Below are 2014 design trends. Some may trend into 2015 and some may disappear.

Merging the indoors with the outdoors has become a strong trend. Try using deck chairs in the living room, having rock walls inside your home incorporating plants within them. Have the plants grow within the rock. As the plants grow the greenery gives an outdoorsy feel. Take it a step further by painting fallen green leaves on the boarders of your wooden floor.